Harvest, dry and cure up to 540 grams of dried cannabis yearly indoor

AUTOMATION BUILT-IN:  Our technology takes care of lighting, watering and CO2 so you can spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labour.

BUILT TO LAST:  Professionally wired and made using high-quality materials, our boxes are safe, secure and made to last a lifetime.

INCLUDES EVERYTHING:  You can get growing right away with 3 cycles of gold nutrients required accessories + parts and our discreet grow advisors.

BUILT SAFE:  Meticulously wired and professionally tested. Our grow boxes are safe, secure and skillfully constructed.  Tested by accredited third-party ISO 17065 Certification Body, ISO 17025 Testing Laboratory, and ISO 17020 Inspection Body.

DEEP WATER CULTURE HYDROPONICS:  Our proven method ensures your plants get a good uptake of nutrients without drowning and consistently aerates the water in the reservoir providing oxygen to the roots.

AUTOMATIC CO2 INJECTION:  During the flowering process the system will automatically inject CO2 to maintain levels around 1500ppm.

CARBON FILTER:  The air from inside the grow chamber is passed through a carbon filter to eliminate plant odour.

COMPACT SIZE:  The Roommates small footprint means you can find space for it almost anywhere. See Dimensions Tab for more details.

EASY TO MAINTAIN:  All the parts that go into our grow boxes have been specifically designed for ease of use and clean operation.

DIMENSIONS:  28” x 54.5" x 28” (without filter), 28” x 54.5” x 34” (with filter)


Our NEW comprehensive program provides a 20-50% discount on selected products, including as low as $1.96/gram on dried flower, to ensure we are providing the best and most reliable access to medical CBD across Canada.