Compassionate Care Program to Provide Lowest Medical Cannabis Price in Canada.

By Jenna Rubin, June 8, 2021

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Indorgro was founded in 2019 by my Father who experienced traumatic life changing events between 2011-2017. Four spinal surgeries left him with post operative chronic pain and a motor vehicle accident resulted in a spinal cord concussion which lead to PTSD, anxiety, and depression. After 6 years of taking opioids to manage his chronic pain, it was in 2017 that he became a first time medical cannabis patient, and a year later, got his ACMPR license (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purpose Regulations) to grow his own medicine as a more affordable option and to ensure he always has the right genetics when needed.

During that timeline there was a definite lack of education and resources for medical patients. This drove my Father and myself to understand Health Canada’s legal framework at which point we realized there was no single source dedicated to personal production. The journey of Indorgro has taken many twists and turns but our mandate remains strong. To support personal production patients with the right knowledge on growing cannabis for medical purposes — especially for low income families and individuals on disability to access affordable medicine on a continual basis.

In May 2021, my Father came across a Financial Post article that highlighted Cannalogue’s new compassionate pricing. He started to learn more about Cannalogue and immediately signed up as a patient. An unbelievable marketplace online for medical cannabis that gives patients choice, affordable prices, and educational support on how to safely and effectively use cannabis. Much to my amazement, I was reading things about what I believe in and what Indorgro believes is needed for patients: insurance coverage, competitive compassionate pricing, and a wide selection of products.

It’s clear that Cannalogue really was Built by Doctors and Made for Patients. A platform where you can explore all options available to you as a Canadian that wishes to use and or grow cannabis for medical purposes, and a stellar support team to help you along the way. Preferred pricing is through our affiliation with Cannalogue Toronto, Ontario.


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