Freedom To Grow in Ontario

In 2018, the Founder was forced into growing his own supply of cannabis. With no previous growing experience or guidance on where to go and how to start, we took a meticulous approach to understand the regulations of personal production for medical purposes and the commercial licensing framework. 

The Founder’s first attempt at learning to grow was with BC Northern Lights (BCNL).

The Founder recently said, “Had it not been for the customer service and support offered by BCNL during 2018, it wouldn’t have been possible to conclude what’s really needed for patients in communities across Canada”.

BCNL technology reignited our family in 2018 when we purchased their hydroponic grow systems. After 7 painful years on opioid medication, the Founder finally felt a sense of purpose again. BCNL technology was the mechanism needed to recalibrate his life and create a future for our family, which we didn’t know at the time, would be Indorgro™.

Tarren Wolfe is the Founder of Urban Cultivator, CEO of BCNL, and who the Founder now calls a good friend. 

Tarren’s story is similar to our’s. Both Founders were searching for a solution to help their family, and as a result, saw an opportunity to help other Canadians too - a business model to serve the greater good. 

For Tarren, he was searching for a viable solution for his wife’s food allergies. He successfully created Urban Cultivator to manufacture wholly sustainable indoor growing appliances for home and commercial kitchens. A brilliant concept. 

A solid timeline of communications between the Founders presented an opportunity to help push forward our mandates together.  Both Founders share the same passion for helping others and support similar beliefs in ways to give back to all Canadians.

Witnessing this relationship blossom during a global pandemic was nothing short of brilliance.

Indorgro and BCNL joined forces for the ultimate home-grown and commercial solutions in Ontario, Canada. We believe in creating a more sustainable future using plants for medicine and food and break down barriers of stigma once and for all!

Above from left to right, Mothership, Bloombox and Dryer purchased from BC Northern Lights October 2018.  The Founder decided to educate himself on growing his own supply of cannabis at the highest quality and lowest cost per gram.  As well as better understanding the legal framework and regulations of the production of cannabis for your own medical purposes.


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